Goodidea Crew's started bicycling with 'Bikit' Branding project.

By Shajinarayan, Goodidea Creative Director - 19/05/2020

Bikeit is a bike rental service based in Saudi Arabia, where the users can register on an app to rent bikes at affordable prices. The bikes are available across the prime locations in Saudi Arabia. The users can easily register on the app and rent out the bikes at their convenience. The app is user friendly and simple. “Good idea” designed and executed a campaign for the venture which effectively communicated the core idea of the brand and reached out to the public.

‘Good Idea’ envisioned the brand campaign on a broader scale. Various signboards were hoisted across different prime locations in the country with a pleasant color palette, that garnered the attention of the public. We organized a cycling ride across tracks, in association with bicycle riding clubs in the country. Numerous riders attended the program and made it a humongous success. This paved the way for a better reach among a wider spectrum of the public.

Bikeit Branding

The design approach was primarily based on the shape of a bicycle. Specifically, on the most important part of it, the wheels. The design incorporated the shape of the wheels which served the purpose of communicating it’s idea. The whole design resembled a parked bicycle. Alternate approaches involved varying shapes of bicycles in varying scheme of colours.

The art of bicycle

Bicycle is a revolutionary concept brought out to the world around 200 years ago where science, art and engineering intersect. Today, the bike designers continue to redefine the concept of cycling and constantly bring out more innovative designs. A utility device for some, where for others it represents endurance, adventure and liberation. The feeling one gets while he peddles across caressing the wind, is what drives the riders towards exploring the nuances of the art of cycling.


The innovative concept of bike rental service in the most simple and effective way led to users enjoy the art of cycling, even for those who do not own a bike. The campaign was wide stretched, reaching out to the people across all cities in the country. The simple and elegant brand design instantly connected the core idea to the users. ‘Bike it’ owes it’s success to the compatibility, pricing and convenience factors. The cycle ride program involved hundreds of riders, which brought in popularity for the brand.

By Shajinarayan, Goodidea Creative Director - 19/05/2020


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